The Sports Academy of Universiti Putra Malaysia began operations on January 1, 2004. The establishment is based on the existence of a source of expertise in sports science existing at the university. Along with advances in high-level sport, Sports Academy aims to create a paradigm shift in the country's sports by creating a niche in applying the latest technology in competitive sports. The Sports Academy’s vision is to be a center of professional services in the field of sports through networking at both national and international levels. To realize this vision, the mission of the sports academy is to make sports academy as an entity that contributes to the achievement of the university through professional services, consultations and researches in the area to support the policy and the development of sports. This mission should be the main focus of all the activities carried out at the Academy. The establishment of The Sports Academy’s two main units; the Research and Community Networking unit, as well as the Consultation and Services unit is the key to achieving the vision and mission. The activities of each unit has a different focus and is catered to specific aspects of the sport. Focus of the Consultation and Services Unit is to provide expertise in all aspects of testing, measurement and evaluation of sports performance and conduct researches in the field of sports science, while the objective of the Research and Community Networking unit is to provide professional sports management training and creating a sports archive. The establishment of the Sport Academy is based on the generation of knowledge through the application of scientific methods and the latest technology in the field. All programs to be implemented by the Sports Academy is to further enrich the resources related to sports excellence that has already existed in our country. The support from all parties involved in the establishment of this academy is needed to achieve its vision of the future.









Updated:: 17/05/2017


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