First and foremost, I welcome all who visits the Sports Academy website from the diverse backgrounds, be it locally or abroad. It’s the beginning of a new term, therefore I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all parties involved either directly or indirectly for all the support that was given to us at the Sports Academy up to this day. It is needed to improve our performance and our unyielding commitment.

In conjunction with the new term leadership transition, I, being given the opportunity to continue with this leadership tenure, hoped that all parties will continue to give your encouragement and support in order for me to assume the given duties and responsibilities with excellence in line with today’s challenging development and globalization.

As the saying goes, ‘lain orang lain pendapat’. It is however does not mean there is a significant reshuffle within our organization. It is possible that there are some varieties that need to be emphasized, but they still do not stray from the Sports Academy’s original goals and objectives.

The various activities and programs conducted beforehand will be maintained as scheduled, and there are also reforms that will be introduced. For example, the Sports Academy will now be more focused on the aspect of internationalization where we aspire to introduce the Sports Academy globally as well as striving to strengthen our branding by offering courses and sports science programs of the upmost quality.

In addition, we were also given the opportunity to establish and operate a center of sports excellence that will be a major achievement for the Sports Academy in the near future. The duties and responsibilities of managing this center of sports excellence clearly shows that we have been entrusted by UPM to continue upholding the sports excellence that has always been one of the glories of UPM.

Although the focus of our activities is growing, the knowledge generation activities will still be carried out through the research field which contributes towards improving the status of UPM as a research university. To whom it may concern, I welcome and greatly appreciate if anyone is interested to apply for research grants through the Sports Academy or perhaps those who want to cooperate with us in any aspects in conjunction of meeting the objectives and goals.

Finally, I would like to thank all UPM staff, particularly the Sports Academy staff whom have been and always given their full support and encouragement to me tirelessly for me to continue to assume and carry out the given mandate and responsibilities. I urged let us all together keep moving forward, especially in promoting the sports industry as well as to contribute more for the nation.



Director's of Sports Academy UPM


Updated:: 17/05/2017


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