Basically, the purpose of establishing the Sports Academy is to offer professional consulting services to national sports bodies and organizations. The academy's vision is to be a reference center for world-class sports excellence. While the mission is the generation of knowledge and the application of relevant technology to improve sports performance.

The existence of the Sports Academy is also based on the desire to be the main reference center for high-performance sports and gain international recognition for sports that are oriented towards high-tech applications. The role held by the Academy is also different from other sports organizations.

The objective of the Sports Academy is to provide professional level training to sports bodies and the community to increase trained human resources in the field of sports, create a network of researchers in addition to generating and disseminating scientific research findings to strengthen training programs in the field of sports science as well as being the main reference center that offers services negotiations in aspects related to sports excellence. All the programs implemented are to enrich resources related to national sports excellence

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